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Lite Art™ Request Info

Lite Art light-curing coloring pastes are designed to recreate the internal effects and characteristics of natural teeth.
  • Excellent curing characteristics due to newly developed multifunctional monomer and photo initiator
  • Low viscosity – easy brush technique
  • Fluorescence of natural teeth
  • Wide range of expressive colors for individual characteristics
  • Supreme handling properties

Instructions For Use MSDS Lite Art Color Paste MSDS Lite Art Clear Liquid
Lite Art Brochure Recipe for Vintage Art Color Using Lite Art CMY Color

(15) 1ml coloring pastes, 6ml Clear Liquid, 15 nozzle tips and caps, Uni Brush No. 5 handle with 10 brush tips, instructions


A-Shade, B-Shade, White, Black, Red, Khaki, Orange, Blue-Gray, Violet, Orange Brown, Dark Red Brown, Black Brown, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

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