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Dura Green Stones
Dura-Green Stones are excellent for fast contouring and finishing. Dura-Green Fine Stones are ideal for surface characterization and adjusting details.

  • Impregnated with silicon carbide
  • Long lasting, fast cutting and always concentric in motion
  • Use Dura-Green Stones for: composites, amalgams, precious alloys, non-precious alloys and porcelains
  • Use Dura-Green Fine Stones for: composites and porcelains, see Unmounted Finishing Wheels section, for Dura-Green Wheels

Dentistry Today Dr Milnar GiomerDura-Green Stones Instructions for Use • SDS Dura-Green Stones

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Sharpening Dental Instruments with Dura-Green® or Dura-White® Stones

After years of hit and miss sharpening of dental hygiene instruments, Dianne Glasscoe Watterson has developed a technique that is easier, faster, more effective, and promotes better ergonomics than any other manual technique. Using a high-speed handpiece, Shofu Dura-Green or a Dura-White stones, plus magnification, Dianne Glasscoe Watterson visually examines the instrument and removes the shiny, dull edge part of the blade until the cutting edge does not reflect light.

This sharpening technique, along with two Shofu stones, are being offered on a CD through Dianne’s website. For more information or to order “The Better Way to Sharpen Dental Instruments” please visit www.professionaldentalmgmt.com