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Shofu Denture Veracia SA
Shofu’s Veracia SA is a new semi-anatomical aesthetic denture teeth system composed of microfilled hybrid composite reinforced with layers of glass. With over 90 years of experience in denture teeth production, Shofu is the leading manufacturer of denture teeth in Japan and a major player in Asian and European markets.

Veracia SA teeth are specifically designed to self-articulate during occlusion through strategically placed fissures and grinding facets regardless of the occlusal concept used.  Accordingly, a simple and unmistakable alignment is achieved reducing setup time, improving patient comfort, and all but eliminating grinding corrections by the dentist.  As can be expected, Veracia SA bonds perfectly with Shofu’s Ceramage for optimal characterization of dentures.

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Q3 Pack
Enhancing Shofu’s Veracia SA Posterior is a revolutionary tooth placement system called the “Q3 Pack” which allows the simultaneous setup of up to 4 individual posterior teeth at once.  This system will greatly improve production and accuracy for even the most inexperienced lab technician.