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Vintage AL Porcelain Request Info

Shofu Vintage AL Porcelain Teeth
Vintage AL veneering porcelain offers virtually unlimited variations on alumina cores and substructures. Compared to conventional press porcelain materials, aluminum oxide frameworks are much firmer and offer enough stability for durable metal-free aesthetic restorations.

  • Excellent color match to natural teeth
  • Extensive range of translucent, opalescent incisal, and effect colors
  • Easy and efficient handling
  • Unique paste opaque liner to cover non-vital teeth or metal frames
Aesthetic Margins

To achieve aesthetic margins you only need to cut back less than 2.0mm. For stable margins leave lower end flat – do not feather edge margin out.
Shofu provides two additional margin porcelains – Clear to mix with regular margin when desired and Correction Porcelain Margin to fire after glaze bake.