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Ceraresin Bond
CERARESIN BOND is a bonding system specifically designed for the repair of ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, and C&B materials.
  • Bonds all ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, resin composite, and C&B materials
  • Fast and easy procedures provide a durable bond
  • Works on both intra-oral and extra-oral procedures
  • Extremely resistant to moisture and thermal strains>

Ceraresin Bond Brochure CAD-CAM Solutions Brochure • Shofu’s Array of Adhesives: Simple, Effective Bonding to Any Restorative SurfaceOral Health_Heroic Retorative Repairs_Dr. George FreedmanInstructions for Use •  M.L. Primer Instructions for UseSDS Ceraresin Bond I • SDS CeraresinBond II

With this simple to use system, both dentists and laboratory professionals can securely and reliably bond various materials including light-cured laboratory composites such as Ceramage extra-orally, or even light-cured resin composites such as BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus for veneering or repair intra-orally.  The material is extremely resistant to moisture and thermal strains providing a long lasting, durable bond.

Featured in BEST PEARLS of 2013 in Dental Economics
Ceraresin Bond Porcelain & Resin Repair System from Shofu Dental
Picture this: your assistant seats a patient who immediately points to an anterior crown that has a piece of porcelain broken off the incisal corner. In my experience, I have not had a lot of long-term success in repairing the porcelain. At that point, I remake the crown, usually at my expense. I have recently tried Ceraresin Bond in these circumstances with excellent adhesion and no loss of the repaired restoration. Read more

6mL of Bond 1, 5mL of Bond 2, 50 microbrushes, and 5 disposable V-dish 0.1mL unit doses,

PN 1740 • ML PRIMER (for alloys) 5mL