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Beautifil Flow Plus X
New & Improved! Beautifil Flow Plus X is the latest bioactive injectable hybrid restorative in the Beautifil product line with a newly developed patented nano S-PRG filler. Beautifil Flow Plus X has all of the Giomer chemistry attributes, including fluoride release and recharge, with improved handling and effortless polishing maintaining a long-lasting shine. This self-leveling flowable has the strength, durability and aesthetics of a hybrid composite.
  • Achieves more surface gloss in less time—effortless polishing
  • Improved handling
  • Stackable & sculptable; stays put
  • Chameleon effect—aesthetically blends with the natural tooth
  • High flexural strength
  • Low wear resistance & shrinkage
  • Indicated in classes I, II, III, IV, & V

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Beautifil Flow Plus X Sell Sheet • Dental Advisor Clinical Evaluation 4.5 Ratingebook: The ‘X’ Factor Flowable Inside Dentistry Beautifil Flow Plus X, Dr. Howard GlazerBeautifil Flow Plus X Directions for Use • Beautifil Flow Plus X Tips Directions for Use • Beautifil Flow Plus X SDS

Beautifil Flow Plus X F00 Syringe 2.2g
YN2300 • A0.5
YN2301 • A1
YN2302 • A2
YN2303 • A3
YN2304 • A3.5
YN2305 • A4
YN2306 • B1
YN2307 • B2
YN2308 • C2
YN2309 • D2
YN2310 • A0.50
YN2311 • A1O
YN2312 • A2O
YN2314 • INC
YN2315 • BW

Beautifil Flow Plus X F03 Syringe 2.2g
YN2320 • A0.5
YN2321 • A1
YN2322 • A2
YN2323 • A3
YN2324 • A3.5
YN2325 • A4
YN2326 • B1
YN2327 • B2
YN2328 • C2
YN2329 • D2
YN2332 • A2O
YN2333 • A3O
YN2334 • INC
YN2335 • BW
YN2336 • MI
YN2337 • CV