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Beautifil II Gingiva direct resin composites were developed as an addition to the award-winning Beautifil II, a fluoride-releasing, bioactive, nano-hybrid composite in dentin shades. Beautifil II Gingiva shades are intended for the cervical area, specifically—the aesthetic correction of gingival recession, wedge-shaped defects, exposed cervical areas, splinting, and re-balancing of pink aesthetics. The pink-colored Beautifil II Gingiva was created based on Shofu’s signature Ceramage line, a nano-ceramic indirect composite, designed for artistic restorations of anterior regions. Similarly to its indirect predecessor, Beautifil II Gingiva resin composite can be blended together and layered to produce custom shades that will help effectively address patient’s clinical needs.
  • Aesthetic gingiva reproduction—recession, exposed abutments and PFM crown margins, root erosion and lost papilla
  • Shades are designed to meet the needs of all ethnicities
  • Aesthetic solutions without surgery
  • Perfect for Class V restorations

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BII PINK Mixing Chart

Beautifil II PINK & WHITE Brochure Beautifil II PINK & WHITE Sell SheetGiomer Brochure CE Credit: Providing an Environment Where Tissues Can Regenerate Beautifil II PINK & WHITE advertorialCDEWorld Ebook – Pink Techniques and Esthetics – Frank Milnar, DDSInside Dentistry – Tooth Repair the Bioactive Way – E-Book • Inside Dentistry – Conservative Gingiva Addition/Reduction – Hugh Flax, DDSBeautifil II Gingiva Shade Guide DFUBeautifil II Gingiva DFUSDS BEAUTIFIL II Gingiva

PN GMK1 • Beautifil II PINK Kit
5 (2.5g) Beautifil II Gingiva syringes, 1 (2g) Beautifil Flow Gingiva F02 syringe. Included Bonus Items: 4 Beautifil Flow Plus F00 & F03 A2 tips and 2 Beautifil II A2 tips

PN GMK3 • Beautifil II PINK & WHITE Kit
5 (2.5g) Beautifil II Gingiva syringes, 1 (2g) Beautifil Flow Gingiva F02 syringe, 4 (2.5g) Beautifil II Enamel syringes. Included Bonus Items: 10 Beautifil Flow Plus F00 & F03 A2 tips, 10 BeautiBond unit dose and 10 Super-Snap Singles Mini

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