Robot® FG Diamonds

Rated #1 in overall performance by a National Research organization.



Robotic manufacturing process distributes precise amounts of natural diamond particles onto a one-piece, stainless steel shank.
  • Made by high technology robots in a computer-automated environment
  • Multi-coating technique with a special surface treatment for durability – maintains cutting efficiency with less clogging
  • Smooth cutting and long lasting performance
  • Grits diamonds are available in: super fine (SF), fine (F), standard (R), coarse (C) and super coarse (SC)
  • Use Robot FG Diamonds for: cavity and crown preparation

MSDS • Diamond Brochure


Robot Diamonds

“Seamless, smooth, fast cutting!! Superb!”
~ Dr. Eugene Kim, Los Angeles, CA

“I have seen Diamonds come and go and was never really happy with any particular Diamond. However since Bob came in and did his presentation of the Robot Diamond backed by the ADA I am not switching! The Robots are truly the “Best in the Market”.
~ Dr. Richard Pelligrini, Joliet, IL

“These are the most efficient and true cutting diamonds I have used. What an asset to our patients and our practice!”
~ Dr. David Kirk, Sudbury, MA