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About Giomer Request Info

The term “Giomer” refers to any product containing Shofu’s proprietary Surface Pre-Reacted Glass, or  “S-PRG” filler particles.  S-PRG filler uniquely releases 6 ions: Fluoride, Sodium, Strontium, Aluminum, Silicate, and Borate; S-PRG filler has been shown to inhibit plaque formation, and possess remarkable acid neutralization capabilities (view video here).


Water Absorption:
Unlike glass ionomers and compomers which require water absorption following photocure to release fluoride; Giomers contain a multifunctional glass core that undergoes an acid-base reaction during manufacturing and is subsequently protected by a surface modified layer.

Anatomy of S-PRG:

This trilaminar structure forms a type of stable glass ionomer which allows ion release and recharge to take place, while protecting the glass core from the damaging effects of moisture, greatly improving long-term durability.  With its unique Giomer chemistry, BeautiSealant is therefore able to achieve ion uptake from household dental hygiene products such as toothpaste, providing sustained benefits to adjacent tooth structure over the life of the sealant.

Key Benefits: 
S-PRG filler material has been clinically shown to:
• Recharge fluoride when treated with fluoridated products
• Neutralize acid on contact

Demonstration of S-PRG Filler Neutralizing Lactic Acid on Contact:

Problems with the video? visit

Bibliography of Various Giomer Studies and Publications

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