PINK Prep Kit

PINK Prep Kit

The PINK Prep Kit is designed for efficient and conservative cavity preparation. Developed in collaboration with Frank J. Milnar, DDS, AAACD, a leader in the field of minimally-invasive, artistic dentistry, the selection of diamonds included in this kit will help clinicians prep the tooth surface for efficient and minimally-invasive restorative work. The PINK Prep kit incorporates Shofu’s five minimally-invasive diamond burs in assorted grits (regular, fine, super-fine) and shapes (round-tapered cylinder, inverted cone, flame).

  • Designed to effectively prepare the surface for functional aesthetic results
  • Five burs to create the ideal Minimally Invasive prep design
  • Complements the Beautifil II PINK Kit (PN GMK1)

PN 8205K1 • PINK Prep Kit
2 Minimally Invasive FG Robot Diamonds, 3 FG Robot Diamonds, 5-hole Ruby Pink BurButler

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Beautifil II Pink & White