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EyeSpecial Designed Exclusively for Dentistry
  • Smart – Fast autofocusing capabilities – Anti-shake mode built in – User friendly
  • 8 shooting modes – Easier, faster and more reproducible images
  • Water and chemical resistant – Essential for infection control in the office
  • Large LCD touchscreen – Built in grid lines for easy line-up and cropping
  • Exceptional depth of field range
  • High performance 49mm close-up lens
  • HIPAA compliant – protects patient privacy and security*

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EyeSpecial II 8 steps

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New Simplified Techniques for Using Digital Dental Photography in Everyday Practice

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Under 2 Minute Case Documentation with the EyeSpecial

EyeSpecial C-III – Inside Dentistry Product Talk with Dr. Hess

EyeSpecial Instructional Video


Taking Orthodontic Case Photos, Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD

EyeSpecial with Paul Feuerstein, DMD and Michael Gainsburg


Dental Hygiene Examination with EyeSpecial

EyeSpecial – Cellerant Award | 3 Time Winner


*Brinker, S. (2015, January). HIPAA compliance and digital photography with personal mobile devices. Dental Products Report, 76-80.