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TRINIA CAD/CAM discs and blocks are composed of a multi-directional interlacing of fiberglass and resin in several layers. TRINIA is intended to be used by dental technicians and dentists for making copings, substructures or frameworks for permanent and transitional anterior or posterior crowns, bridgework, and substructures that can be either cemented or uncemented restorations, such as telescopic restorations.
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and resilient
  • No firing required
  • Unique mechanical properties with high flexural and compressive characteristics
  • Biocompatible
  • Adjustable

TRINIA Brochure • IDT CAD-CAM eBookDental Lab Products-Crafting metal-free substructures-TRINIATRINIA Milling StrategySDS TRINIA

PN 1000T • Trinia Disc – Ivory
98mm x 15mm
PN 1000TP • Trinia Disc – Pink
98mm x 15mm
PN 1001T • Trinia Disc – Ivory
98mm x 25mm
PN 1001TP • Trinia Disc – Pink
98mm x 25mm
PN 1002T • Trinia Block – Ivory
55mm x 19mm x 15mm
PN 1003T • Trinia Block – Ivory
40mm x 19mm x 15mm
PN 1004T • Trinia D-Shape – Ivory
89mm x 71mm x 15mm
PN 1004TP • Trinia D-Shape – Pink
89mm x 71mm x 15mm