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Beautifil-II-PINK & WHITE Gum & Enamel
Beautifil II Enamel direct resin composites were developed as an addition to the award-winning Beautifil II, a fluoride-releasing, bioactive, nano-hybrid composite in dentin shades. The chameleon-like optical characteristics of the enamel tones allow for creating polychromatic restorations with morphology and aesthetics of natural teeth, chairside, providing the clinicians with a cost-effective alternative to ceramic veneers. The white-colored Beautifil II Enamel can be layered and blended together to deliver results that will mimic natural dentition.
  • Achieve highly aesthetic direct restorations with minimal shade selections
  • Create natural aesthetics with a simplified method for shade modification
  • Modeled after the porcelain color concept—easy color matching
  • Direct veneers made easy






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PN GMK3 • Beautifil II PINK & WHITE Kit
5 (2.5g) Beautifil II Gingiva syringes, 1 (2g) Beautifil Flow Gingiva F02 syringe, 4 (2.5g) Beautifil II Enamel syringes. Included Bonus Items: 10 Beautifil Flow Plus F00 & F03 A2 tips, 10 BeautiBond unit dose and 10 Super-Snap Singles Mini

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