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GlasIonomer FX-II
An aesthetic, all-purpose, self-curing glass ionomer capsule allows value time savings by eliminating a conditioner step and providing fast setting time, only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. No wait time involved. Simply ready immediately after mixing.

  • No conditioner required
  • Radiopaque and moisture tolerant
  • When compared to leading competitors*
    – 39% greater fluoride release and recharge
    – Highest value in hardness and equal compressive strength
    – Significantly decreases acid erosion levels
  • Ease of handling and packability
  • Allows optimum shade matching and stability
  • 3 year shelf life

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PN 3270  (50) 0.55g Pre-mixed Capsules, Shade A2

PN 3271  (50) 0.55g Pre-mixed Capsules Shade A3

PN 3272  (50) 0.55g Pre-mixed Capsules Shade A3.5

PN 3273  (50) 0.55g Pre-mixed Capsules Shade B2

The GlasIonomer FX-II Capsule is an all-purpose enhanced direct restorative indicated for non-load bearing Class I & Class II restorations in permanent dentition and Class III & Class V cavities with wedge shaped defects. Ideal for pediatric and geriatric patients as a core build-up and base/liner material.

*Shofu R&D Test Results