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Vintage® MP Margin Porcelain Set Request Info

Highly fluorescent powders for accurate aesthetic margins in the shades W0 to D4. Various margin effect powders offer a natural adaptation to every natural color shade.

(13) 15g margin, (7) 15g margin effect, (2) 15g correction, 3mL Vintage CPM modeling liquid, 50mL Vintage margin hardening liquid, 7mL Vintage margin porcelain isolation liquid, instructions

Instructions For UseInstructions For Use in SpanishMSDSMP Brochure
• Vintage MP Firing Schedule • Color Chart • Conversion Chart for 3D Master Shade Guide • Laboratory Retail Price List


MARGIN: W0M, A1M, A2M, A3M, A3.5M, A4M, RootAM, B2M, B4M, C2M, C4M, D3M, NM



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