SHOFU is “a Pioneer”

Leveraging Proprietary Technologies and Clear Concepts to Develop Products that Transform Dentistry

Starting with the development of Japan’s first high-quality porcelain teeth, Shofu has consistently led the industry in development, from resin and hybrid resin teeth to the use of nanotechnology to create next-generation artificial teeth. We have also launched dental materials and equipment that have transformed the field of dentistry.

Such achievements culminated over time through consistent industry-leading investment in research and development. As an international company dedicated to new product R&D, we will continue to contribute to dentistry throughout the broader world in the years to come.

Dominant R&D Spirit Leading to Entirely New Product Categories

Since its founding, Shofu’s history has been a consistent account of creating entirely new product categories, and many of the products we developed have been ahead of their time. For example, Shofu Bio Form remains the Japanese standard for artificial tooth shapes. Other products include Lite-Fil—an aesthetically pleasing light-cured composite restorative material, Endura—hybrid resin teeth covered under the Japanese health insurance system, and Beautifil Flow Plus—a restorative paste material that has excellent shape retention properties.

An overarching R&D emphasis backed by our founder’s spirit of venture is an essential element of Shofu’s product portfolio. We are centered on a research facility that boasts some of the most up-to-date facilities in the dental industry. At this center, Shofu will continue combining the latest medical information and materials technologies with leading-edge dentistry techniques to develop innovative new products and technologies.

New Product Development Contributing to the MiCD Concept

Many of the patients who visit dental clinics desire treatment methods that do not involve grinding away their existing teeth and that are attractive and natural-looking after treatment. Such demands call for treatment methods, dental materials and equipment that help dentists to provide such clinical treatment.

To address these needs, Shofu has become an official partner of dentists in promoting a new type of dental treatment, MiCD, that provides aesthetically pleasing results but is minimally invasive with respect to natural teeth. Our development of new products and technologies in line with the MiCD concept have helped to build trust between patients and dentists, helping to realize dentistry that provides peace of mind.

Giomer Products for Oral Health and Smiling Patients

Giomer is a lineup of products containing S-PRG Filler, which releases six mineral ions, including fluoride, that help to promote oral health. When oral fluoride concentration increases through the use of fluoride-containing toothpastes or gels, S-PRG Filler recharges fluoride, releasing it again when the fluoride concentration falls. In keeping with the MiCD concept, this product family helps ensure a healthy oral environment.

Giomer products are designed to bring smiles to patients’ faces by helping them to retain as many natural teeth as possible, for as long as possible.


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