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A finishing system with artisan’s selected abrasives is an indispensable element in achieving natural aesthetics. Shofu’s Artistic Composite Kit includes finest diamonds, carbides and stones, all designed to help create naturally appearing smile in a swift, predictable manner.
  • Comprehensive finishing system inclusive of finest diamonds, carbides and stones
  • Supported by an efficient artisan’s finishing technique
  • Excellent for anterior composite restorations
  • Promotes minimally invasive dentistry
Artisitic Composite Kit Sell Sheet Artistic Composite Kit Instructions for Use Robot Points Instructions for UseSDS Robot Point Dura-Green Stones Instructions for Use • SDS Dura-Green Stones

PN 0980BB • Artistic Composite Kit
840F-1 – Robot® FG Diamond (Flame, Fine)
840V-1 – Robot® FG Diamond (Flame, Superfine)
835F-1 – Robot® FG Diamond (Tapered Cylinder, Fine)
793V-1 – Robot® FG Diamond (Tapered Cylinder, Superfine)
0933-1 – T&F Hybrid Point®
0718 – Robot® Carbide FG Finisher (Egg)
0060 – Dura-Green® Stone (CA, FL2)
0770-3 – Robot® Carbide CTF-FG Finisher (8-fluted)
0771-3 – Robot® Carbide CTF-FG Finisher (16-fluted)
0772-3 – Robot® Carbide CTF-FG Finisher (30-fluted)
8210SBC – BurButler™ (Sapphire Blue)
8210LID – BurButler™ Replacement Lid