NEW! Attachment Removal Kit for Clear Aligners Request Info

Shofu’s Attachment Removal Kit for Clear Aligners delivers both the finest instruments and proven protocol to help dental professionals safely remove the orthodontic attachment and restore the tooth to a highly aesthetic look in an efficient and predictable manner.
  • A complete system for safe and easy removal of orthodontic attachment
  • Inclusive of Shofu’s award-winning finishers and polishers
  • Selected instruments and the removal technique support minimally invasive dentistry
  • Packaging contains BONUS products

Attachment Removal Kit Sell SheetGuidelines for Placing & Removing AttachmentsDental Economics Pearls for Practice – Attachment Removal KitAttachment Removal Kit Instructions for UseSuper-Snap Instructions for UseSDS Super-SnapSDS OneGloss • SDS Super-Snap SuperBuffRobot Points Instructions for UseSDS Robot PointDirect DIA Instructions For Use SDS DirectDia Paste

PN ARK • Attachment Removal Kit for Clear Aligners
0503 – (40) Super-Snap® Singles Mini Size Disks (8mm)
0770-3 – (3) Robot® Carbide Finishers CTF
0176 – (10) OneGloss® PS, Cup
0177 – (10) OneGloss® PS, Midi-Pt.
0178 – (10) OneGloss® PS, IC
0536 – (50) Super-Snap® SuperBuff Disks
0558 – DirectDia Polishing Paste
8210SBC – 10-Hole BurButler™ (Sapphire Blue)
8210LID – BurButler™ Replacement Lid
1753 – (2) Beautifil® II A2 tips (0.25g)
2202 – (2) Beautifil Flow Plus® F00 A2 tips (0.21g)
2220 – (2) Beautifil Flow Plus® F03 A2 (0.21g)