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Beautifil® Flow Plus Request Info

A base, liner and final restorative all in one!
Beautifil Flow Plus is the next step in the evolution of restorative materials, combining the convenience of a flowable delivery system with strength and functionality that surpass leading hybrid composites.

  • Approved for all classes!
  • Physical properties rival leading composites
  • Precise handling - Stacks without slumping and just stays put
  • Self-leveling, bubble free consistency, reduces instrumentation/polishing time
  • Superior adaptation ensure a tight marginal seal, decreasing voids
  • High radiopacity allows clear visibility during follow-ups
  • Fluoride release and recharge is ideal for high caries index patients

Instructions For Use MSDS •  Beautifil Flow Plus Brochure • AGD Impact, Dr. Glazer
• Beautifil Flow Plus Kit Offer • Dental Product Shopper, Dr.Comisi





Four 2.2g Syringes
F00 (Zero Flow) A2, A3
F03 (Low Flow) A2, A3
Assorted samples from Shofu
Four 2.2g Syringes
F00 (Zero Flow) Bleach White, A1
F03 (Low Flow) Bleach White, A1
Assorted samples from Shofu








Dr. Fred S. Margolis, DDS Pediatric Dentist - Buffalo Grove, IL

"As a pediatric dentist, I find the fluoride release of both Beautifil Flow Plus and Beautifil II composite to be an excellent quality in these materials. They have great handling and placement qualities, also.

The 10 second light-cured self-etching BeautiBond is another winner! Congratulations and thanks to Shofu for providing these excellent materials to make our patient's smiles even more esthetic in less time!"


Dr. Marco Castellini - Pittsfield, MA

"I'm just writing to say that BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is a great product in which I can create beautiful restorations easily. Been using it since it was introduced in the market and as of today is my "go to" restorative material.

Here are some restorations I did today using A3-00, A2 and Bleach White 03. With these shades I can create very good anatomy without the use of intrinsic stains. Thanks a lot"


Dr. Mike Arcieri – South Boston, MA 

“Recently I had a fantastic experience using your Beautifil Flow Plus with a patient’s broken # 18.  It had root canal, a big filling and the whole tooth was broken except for the mesial lingual cusp, and by rights, that tooth should have come out.  The patient asked, “Is there anything you can do to save this?”  I thought, what am I going to do with this? I couldn’t even get a matrix band around it, but I was able to get a pre-fabricated post in it and then using your new Beautifil Flow Plus F00, I did a full contour build-up on it.

The patient and I were very pleased with the final results.Thanks for telling me about this.  It’s a really great product, it saved the day and I’m happy to give you this good report.”


Dr. Jamie Sunners, Natick, MA

“We have been using the new F00 composite and love it! We used it as a core material and also for some class 1-5 fillings. I am amazed at how well it polished and how snug the contacts came out. And it stays where you put it.”

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