Capture high-impact photos quickly and easily with this economically priced intraoral camera. EyeCam utilizes a fixed-focus lens and bright LED illumination to take crystal clear pictures. Intraoral cameras are widely recognized for their benefits toward improving patient communication and case acceptance.

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EyeCam Intraoral Camera Driver Download Instructions

1) Download the file on the link: DentCapture

2) Install DentCapture. A DentCapture icon will be created on your desktop.

3) Double-click the DentCapture icon on your desktop. The program will load and create an icon on the system toolbar.

4) Right-Click the DentCapture icon on the system toolbar and select your imaging software.

5) Configure the settings for your imaging software.

6) Use your EyeCam Intraoral Camera

Please review the EyeCam videos for further instructions on the driver download and integration to your imaging software. If the EyeCam is not working correctly from the instructions, call Technical Support at (800) 827-4638. Allow for 24 business hours for a return call.


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EyeCam Camera Driver Instruction Video

EyeCam Imaging Software Integration Instruction Video

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