About Giomer

About Giomer

The term GIOMER refers to any product containing a proprietary filler particle, engineered by Shofu Dental, which can release and recharge six different ions: Fluoride, Strontium, Sodium, Aluminum, Silicate, and Borate. Together, these ions have been clinically proven to inhibit plaque, neutralize acid, and eliminate secondary decay; combining bioactive and therapeutic benefits not available in competitive products.

Shofu Dental created the GIOMER filler particle over 20 years ago with the mission of offering products that provide a bioactive and therapeutic alternative to the inert restorative materials available then – and now. It is part of our mission at Shofu Dental to “create healthy and beautiful smiles all over the world.”


Bioactive Giomer Technology               Conventional Composites

Almost immediately upon its discovery, both Researchers and Clinicians have found the promise of the bioactive and therapeutic properties of GIOMER Technology intriguing enough to warrant study. Shofu Dental regularly sponsors research and clinical studies to validate the efficacy of GIOMER Technology. Still, we are gratified by the number of independent research studies we regularly receive that also validates our claims.

GIOMER Technology restoratives offer picture-perfect aesthetics. The nano-hybrid-sized particles provide the high level of polishability dentists have come to expect in today’s premium restorative materials. Our unique filler structure gives GIOMER restoratives the light transmission and diffusion properties of both dentin and enamel to blend well with surrounding dentition without the need for complex layering techniques required by many competitors.

Beautifil II
Frank Milnar, DDS

Beautifil Flow Plus
Howard Glazer, DDS

Jack Griffin, DMD

Beautifil II Gingiva
Rodrigo Escalante, DDS

As it is Shofu’s mission to “create healthy and beautiful smiles all over the world.” Shofu Dental knows that the price of bioactive and therapeutic GIOMER products has to be affordable for all dentists, especially those who treat the underserved. To that goal, GIOMER products are usually 30% less expensive than many name-brand competitors.


Bioactive Giomer Technology Products
Shofu Dental is always looking for new ways to utilize the bioactive and therapeutic properties of GIOMER Technology to fulfill our mission. GIOMER Technology products include Universal Composites (Beautifil II & Beautfil II LS), Specialty Composites (Beautifil II Gingival & Enamel), Flowable Composite (Beautifil Flow), All-Indications Flowable Composites (Beautifil Flow Plus & Beautifil Flow Plus X), Sealant (BeautiSealant), Cement (BeautiCem SA), De-Sensitizer (PRG Barrier Coat), and the newest member of the GIOMER family – FIT SA (self-adhesive flowable composite).

The full line of GIOMER products is available from reputable dental distributors throughout the United States and Canada, like Shofu Dental’s award-winning lines of abrasives and polishers. Feel free to contact your preferred dealer for a quote. Click here for a list of dental distributors.

We invite you to try our bioactive GIOMER Technology products to determine whether they are right for your practice and your patients. If you need additional information about GIOMER Technology or products, we encourage you to contact the Shofu Dental Territory Manager in your area. Click here to find your Territory Manager.




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