CAD/CAM Stain Kit

CAD/CAM Stain Kit

Universal, simple and efficient light-cured stain system with broad indications, Lite Art, incorporates novel multifunctional micro-monomers and photo-initiators which strikingly emulate the natural dentition’s optical properties of light diffusion and anisotropy.

  • Broad indications including all types of direct and indirect resin materials, acrylics, hybrid ceramics and CAD/CAM composites
  • Fast and easy to apply without the need of firing
  • Efficient means of achieving internal characterization on both gingiva- and enamel-colored resin and acrylic restorations
  • 4 year shelf life

PN 2150-SS • CAD/CAM Stain Kit
Lite Art White, Lite Art Blue/Gray, Lite Art Cyan, Lite Art Orange, Lite Art Khaki, Lite Art Liquid, Ceramage Insical 59, Ceramage Modeling Liquid, Ceraresin Bond Set, HC Primer, Uni Brush No. 2, Uni Brush No. 4


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HC Primer
HC Primer // Version 5


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